Mom's genius TikTok money hack boosts household savings by $4,000

AN INVENTIVE mom has gone viral after sharing her money-saving tips on TikTok that have seen her save nearly $4,000 using just a few household items.

Armed with a money box tin, an A4 sheet of paper, a black marker pen, sellotape, and some sassy star stickers, Becky Turocuzi encouraged other users to try out her saving hack.

On the sheet of paper, the young Aussie mom writes the numbers 1-100 with the pen before wrapping it around the tin and securing it with sticky tape.

The aim of the game is to deposit cash between $1 and $100, while crossing off the corresponding number with a sticker.

In the clip, Becky demonstrates her bright idea by beginning with a $50 note and stowing it away in the coin tin, before marking off the number 50 on her chart.

When all the numbers are complete, the continuous contributions mount up to $3,845 – a substantial amount by using such a simple trick.

Her perfectly transitioned video showing how to embark on the savvysaving trick, entitled the 'Money Challenge', on the video-sharing platform, where it has now hit over 160,000 views.

The finessed formula is based on a sequence discovered by Carl Friedrich Gauss, an 18th-century German mathematician, who worked out that adding all of the numbers between 1 and 100 amounts to 550 – the amount of Australian dollars it adds up to.

Participants can decide at what speed they take it too, but Becky suggests contributing at least once a week to build up cash fast.

To reach the full value, she suggests depositing money at least twice a week. If you take part each day, you will hit the sum in just 100 days.

The financial tips and tricks have gone down a storm on TikTok, earning Becky a slice of viral fame.

Masses of users decided to take on the Money Challenge themselves.

"Love this!" one admirer wrote.

"This is amazing and I’m so glad to see it," another added.

One chimed in, "Can't wait to try this!!!"

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