Mother, 29, trashes ex boyfriend's home in drunken rampage

Mother, 29, trashes ex boyfriend’s home in drunken rampage causing more than £2,000 worth of damage

  • Lauren Blaney, 29, from Spellow Lane , Liverpool, ‘obliterated’ the property
  • Blaney and her current boyfriend, Neil Woods, carried out the break-in in Aintree
  • Lauren’s ex-boyfriend James Campbell, 48, was out of the house at the time
  • Police were called when Blaney and Woods were seen smashing a window

A mother trashed her ex-boyfriend’s home with her current partner and caused more than £2,000 worth of damage, a court heard.

Police were called when Lauren Blaney, 29, was spotted smashing a window at the home of her ex, James Campbell, 48, with his guitar.

Blaney’s boyfriend, Neil Woods, assisted with the break-in at 8pm on March 21 this year.

The pair left the scene after causing £2,180 worth of damage to the property, including a £900 guitar, two television sets, ornaments and clothing. A £500 guitar was also missing.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that a member of the public rang the police after witnessing a break-in at a ground floor flat in Rowsley Grove, Aintree.

Nardeen Nemat, prosecuting, said: ‘There were spots of blood on shattered glass and blood splatters around the address.’

Lauren Blaney (pictured), trashed her ex-boyfriend’s home with her current partner causing more than £2,000 worth of damage in the process.

Shortly after the incident took place the pair were spotted by a police officer. There was altercation with her companion during which Blaney left.

A rucksack was later handed to police containing food and other items taken from the flat.

Mr Campbell, who was out at the time of the break-in said in a statement: ‘The area is barely lit and I felt vulnerable and quite scared especially after the burglary, I was scared it was some kind of vendetta so I did not feel safe using the alley.’ 

The couple broke-up 18 months prior to the incident, according to Blaney, her attack was motivated by ‘domestic issues’.  

According to Miss Nemat, when interviewed, Blaney ‘said she blamed Mr Campbell for her children being taken away.’

She added: ‘She said she had been drinking heavily and was very drunk, she became angry and decided to damage his house.’

Blaney said her boyfriend, Neil Woods, smashed the window before she climbed inside.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that a member of the public rang the police after witnessing a break-in at a ground floor flat in Rowsley Grove, Aintree

She said she was ‘still feeling very angry and once inside made a mess and could not stop smashing things up.’

Campbell, who has now requested a restraining order against Blaney, was on course to provide a stable home for his daughters before his house was ‘obliterated’, the Liverpool Echo reports. 

The court heard that Blaney, of Spellow Lane, Liverpool, had six previous convictions for 13 offences including theft.

Rachel Oakdene, defending, said: ‘She had made a complete confession to police and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.’

She added that Blaney was receiving treatment for drug and alcohol misuse and hoped to get custody of her children back next year.

The Judge, Recorder Harris described her pre-sentence report as ‘very sad reading’ before he handed down a 21-month term, suspended for two years, along with a 12-month drug rehabilitation course.  

Blaney will also carry out 30 days of rehab, and  wear an electronic ankle tag for six months, with an 8pm-8am curfew.

A four-year restraining order was also given.

Judge Harris warned Blaney ‘not to drink, take drugs and then decide to go and get some revenge which is what this was about’.

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