Motorcyclist, passenger survive horrific hit-and-run crash caught on video

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Horrifying video shows the moment a motorcyclist and rider smashed into a car with so much force that someone’s shoe was sent flying into a nearby parking lot.

A security camera recorded the collision, which took place when the driver of a white sedan tried to make a left turn across a busy, four-lane street in Temple Hills, Md., according to reports.

As the sedan pulls into traffic, the bike broad-sides it with a sickening crash, catapulting one person over the hood and onto the roadway, the video shows.

Seconds later, a red sneaker thuds to the pavement and bounces near the camera that caught the action.

Meanwhile, the driver of the sedan initially pulls over on the far side of the street, then takes off.

“I turned around, and I just saw bodies going up in the air,” Daniel Rush of Lillie’s Mattress Store told Arlington, Va.-based 7News.

Rush, whose store owns the Ring security camera, added: “There’s an accident here every couple of weeks. You’ve got a sign right there that is blocking people’s view that’s trying to get out.”

Miraculously, cops said both the motorcyclist and rider survived and were taken to a local hospital for treatment following the crash around 2:30 p.m. Monday on St. Barnabas Road.

The hit-and-run driver was being sought.

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