Motorist in China miraculously survives after cement truck flattens minibus

A motorist in China miraculously survived when an out-of-control cement truck overturned and crushed the minivan the man was in, dramatic video shows.

The wild incident unfolded last Tuesday in the city of Dalian in the Liaoning province, according to Newsflare.

Footage of the crash shows the moment the moving truck begins to wobble and lose control before flipping onto the minivan, largely flattening the vehicle.

The unidentified victim could be seen laying motionless in the driver’s seat with his leg hanging out of the crushed vehicle before firefighters ultimately freed him.

The victim was then rushed to an area hospital. He had fractures to his leg but was not in life-threatening condition, according to Newsflare.

A witness said the driver of the cement truck was able to climb out of the vehicle.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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