Mum, 28, pummelled rival parent at school gate over ‘bum-patting’ incident

An angry mum who was on a school run when she jumped out of her car and punched a rival mother in the street following a petty row has avoided jail by the skin of her teeth.

A simmering dispute between Jade Valentine, 28, and another woman had started when one child patted another’s backside, a court heard in March 2020.

The prosecuting barrister said Valentine, from Plymouth, got out of her car, with a child strapped in the back, to “launch a number of punches” at the other mum.

He added that the victim suffered a "number of bumps and bruises" and "hair-pulling" was involved, the Mirror reported.

Valentine, a mum-of-two, was handed a 12-month community order for the attack, which prosecutors branded "pathetic" and "childish."

She was warned she could face a prison sentence in August after she only did a fraction of the unpaid work and failed to keep in touch with probation.

Valentine admitted she had breached the community order.

Judge Linford extended Valentine's community order and deferred sentencing in August and again in October to give her time to catch up on the work.

The judge extended the order and deferred sentencing in August and then again in October to give her time to catch up with the work.

He warned her that if she missed a single appointment without good reason she would go to prison.

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Judge Linford told the latest hearing that probation had reported she was now doing the work.

He told her: "I told you what was expected of you and you did what was expected. If you give consent I will extend the order until September 3."

Valentine agreed to continue working with probation.

She had pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman causing actual bodily harm on May 16 2019.

She had initially been ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work in March 2020 but had only done 14 by August the following year – despite the order being extended for the first time to give her a chance.

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