Mum claims son, 6, is banned from lessons over his mohawk – 'because it might poke another child in the eye'

Little Charlie Chafer, six, chose the punk hairstyle before starting back at Drayton Park Primary School in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, last week after the summer holidays.

But mum Kirstie-Lea Day, 26, from Milton Keynes, claims she was called by the school on Friday and told her son’s hairstyle was not acceptable and he would not be allowed in class until he changed it.

Stay-at-home mum Kirstie, alleges when she brought Charlie back to school this week, she was told she should shave her son’s head or take him home.

And she said the school's eventual solution to allow Charlie back into class was to put water on his hair to flatten his treasured mohawk down.

Kirstie, who is now threatening to move Charlie to a different school, said: "It is not fair for Charlie to be the only one to have to shave his head.

“It’s just a small, neat mohawk – it doesn’t affect his learning, or the other students.

“The school said it was not suitable and would distract the other children and him.

“But other children had more extreme hair styles such as lines, stars and beads.

“I was even told he needed to shave his head for safety reasons, as it could poke someone in the eye.

“What his teacher did to allow him back to class, the solution was to wet his hair and push it to the side.

“They tried to give him that ‘pretty boy look’, but it’s not long enough so it looked horrid.

“I kept Charlie off school for the next three days and when I got a call from the school asking the reason why, I told them ‘because he isn’t allowed due to his hair’.

“They said that was not the case and said he was allowed as long as he had his hair flattened.

“They accused me of being a bad mum and said I was stopping him from learning.

“The staff made me cry in front of my son and this is unacceptable.

“It’s not fair, he loves his haircut and the whole situation has affected him.”

After several days off, Charlie went back to school yesterday with no product in his hair, but Kirstie claims his teacher still flattened it with water.

On Drayton Park Primary School’s website, it states 'the school does not permit children to have "'extreme" haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children’.

But Kirstie claims many other children at the school have "extreme" haircuts such as shaved lines and stars and beaded braids.

The single mum added: “The school says all kids should look the same, but only Charlie has to change his hair.

“He’s been naughty these days because of that, yesterday he even came home saying he doesn’t want to go back to school because he doesn’t like his hair flattened.

“I am now thinking I might have to move him to another school because he isn’t happy there because of it.

“I have spoken to other parents, and everyone thinks it’s ridiculous.

“It’s just a little mohawk – it doesn’t stop him from learning.”

A school spokesman told The Sun Online: "Drayton Park has been rated by Ofsted as having Outstanding behaviour and wearing the correct uniform is part of ensuring that this is maintained.

"This also includes not allowing certain kinds of haircuts and guidance on this is clearly published on the school website. "Parents are very supportive of this."


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