Mum of tragic trainee lawyer stabbed to death in street blasts 'hurtful' race hate claims

The mother of the tragic trainee lawyer stabbed to death by a street gang has blasted “hurtful” claims that he was a victim of a race hate attack.

Kind-hearted Sven Badzak, 22, was allegedly set upon by a gang of six knife-wielding thugs in an horrific assault outside a bagel shop near his London home.

But his grieving mother Jasna today hit out at social media suggestions that the murder was committed by a racially motivated black gang.

She told the Sun: “I have been kept very closely informed of all developments by the police and they have told me the gang was of mixed races.

“The question of a racially motivated attack has never been raised or brought to my attention.

“And when I asked specifically about it they confirmed there was nothing to suggest that race had anything to do with Sven’s murder.

“I’m aware of some of the comments circulating and shared on Twitter which I’ve found offensive and hurtful.

“The people saying this do not know the facts and it’s wrong to say that this was anything other than an unprovoked attack.

“I want them prosecuted to the full power of the law and if found guilty locked up for a very long time and this sort of inflammatory speculation helps no-one.”  

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Sven Badzak – who went to the same posh prep school as Princes William and Harry – was watching Liverpool goal highlights on his phone when he was pounced upon February 6.

He was outside a bagel shop after collecting orange juice on an errand for his mum when he was attacked for no apparent reason.

The Sun is offering a £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killers of the bright sociology graduate, who had just landed a law firm internship.

A 19-year-old man, another aged 20 and two youths aged 17 arrested on suspicion of the murder have all been released on bail to return on a date in late March.


Financial analyst Jasna, from Kilburn, North London has now hired a top lawyer to oversee the police probe.

She said: “I will not rest until the low-life scum who took my beautiful son’s life are caught and properly punished.

“The streets will never be safe as long as they walk free.”

Jasna revealed police could easily be investigating a double murder – as Sven’s 16-year-old pal was also stabbed and almost died at the scene.

The boy – whose family asked for him not to be named – was still recovering from serious wounds in hospital.

The Sun revealed last week that tragic Sven was attacked by at least three knives including one fearsome weapon with a blade nearly three inches wide.

Sven’s Tory activist mum Jasna criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan, blaming his softly-softly knife gang policies for her son’s death.

She tweeted a message to Mr Khan alongside a picture of Sven which read: “My son is dead because of you. Look at him.”

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