Mum who stands INSIDE skips to help customers 'understand size' goes viral after Radio 1 host Greg James' show

Business manager Non Harries, 57, suggested the strategy to director Paul Nicholas after callers to the business kept telling her they could not picture how long a yard was.

Her firm, Greenacres Skip Hire, offers them in sizes from two yards (6ft) up to 40 yards (120ft).

He approved the idea and snaps were posted on the company’s website two years ago. They went viral after tickled Radio 1 host Greg James discovered them and told his listeners.

Non, of Dinas Cross, West Wales, said: “Since working here I’d realised that a lot of people have no idea what the sizes meant and how big the skips were.

“I asked Paul if someone was available to stand in the skips and he said, ‘It’s your idea, you stand in them’, so I did. I never thought a woman stood in a skip would become a meme in 24 hours. It’s been bonkers.”

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