Mum’s horror after finding photo of her sleeping taken when she was ‘home alone’

A mum has told of her terror after scrolling through her smartphone and finding a picture of her fast asleep in bed.

Debra Demetriou claims the blurry snap was taken when she was home alone and her house was locked.

Taken from the foot of her bed, it shows her with her eyes half open and the covers tucked over her chin.

The stay-at-home mum insists her Samsung S7 was under her pillow when she fell asleep, and it was still there when she woke up hours later, Chronicle Live reports.

Debra, from Benton, Newcastle, said she discovered the photo while scrolling through pictures from the night before.

She said: “There was nobody else in the house at the time – I was completely freaked out."

She said her oldest son left for work 45 minutes before the picture was taken, and her other son was with his dad.

The house was locked, untouched from the night before, and there were no signs of a break in, she added.

Debra said: “I know you shouldn’t, but my phone had been under my pillow when I fell asleep.

“It was still there the next morning.

“I held down the picture to see the movement, and you can see both my arms are by my side so it couldn’t even have been a selfie.

“And my eyes are half-open – if someone else had been in the room I’m sure I would have noticed them.

“I’m absolutely convinced nobody else was in the house.”

The eerie snap has left her full of dread. She can’t stop thinking about who took it.

Paranormal investigator Sammy Rawlinson has examined the image and admits it is “spooky”.

The Stockton psychic added: “Spirits do things to get our attention.

“If someone has passed in the last year it could be them trying to get her attention.”

Debra has lost both parents, but not that recently.

However she admits this isn’t the first time something “strange” has happened to her.

Pictures from her son’s last birthday contained, according to a clairvoyant, “ghosts” of deceased family members.

But Debra isn’t sure. And she isn’t sure how this picture was taken.

Pals have told her to go the police for peace of mind. So far, she’s resisted.

But she hopes by making the picture public, someone will be able to give her an answer.

She said: “It wasn’t my son, as he isn’t that sort of boy plus he was at work.

“And the picture wasn’t even there that morning and nobody else even has a key.

“This has just left me so worried and scared.”

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