Murder probe launched into death of newborn after mum took 'pills by post' abortion drugs

A MURDER probe has been launched into the death of a newborn after a mum took “pills by post” abortion drugs.

Cops in the Midlands are also investigating another two cases including one of a foetus terminated at 28 weeks — well past the 24-week legal limit — revealed in May by The Sun.

A further seven cases in the region have been flagged by inspectors at the Care Quality Commission as part of an “escalating risk” linked to medical abortions at home.

They include mums-to-be needing emergency treatment.

The Sun can also disclose that in separate incidents two women have died in the North West in recent weeks after early medical abortions.

Regulations for the pills-by-post process were relaxed in April because of the coronavirus crisis.

During that time thousands of women have made use of abortion services safely.

But Nigel Acheson, the CQC’s Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “We are aware of a small number of serious incidents.

What is pill by post and how does it work?

The pill by post service is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy without having to go and visit your GP.

After a telephone consulation you will receive your kit within 1-3 days.

It will contain:

  • Abortion pill medication (1 tablet mifepristone and 6 tablets of misoprostol – packaged together or separately)
  • Pregnancy test
  • Codeine (only provided if suitable)
  • Progestogen only contraceptive pills (if requested and suitable)

Step one is to take the mifeprsitone with water. Most women will not experience any pain or bleeding.

The misoprostal tablets then need to be taken.

In order to take them they need to be placed in the vagina or between the cheek and gum – use 4 tablets first and the remaining 2 tablets 3 to 4 hours after.

Side effects

For most women, having an abortion this way is like having an early miscarriage.

You may experience symptoms suc as:

  • headache
  • flushes or sweats
  • nausea
  • dizziness

“We have followed up directly with the providers concerned, and continue to work to ensure the appropriate safeguards are in place to protect women.”

Under April's new laws, which last two years, women can now have a medical abortion at home up until week ten of their pregnancy.

But they must consult a medic over the phone or video chat to get a prescription, with the pills sent by post.

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