Muskoka Lakes lifts flooding state of emergency

Muskoka Lakes lifted its flooding state of emergency on Wednesday as water levels continued to decline and the township moved toward recovery.

“We’ve been able to get open all roads that were closed with one exception,” Muskoka Lakes Mayor Phil Harding said. “Because we’re back and accessible to everybody, we were able to remove the state of emergency.”

Currently, Muskoka Lakes is evaluating what roads and infrastructure needs to be repaired, Harding said.

According to the mayor, Muskoka Lakes’ infrastructure damage could cost anywhere from $500,000 to $3 million.

The navigation restrictions for Lake Muskoka, the Moon River and the north and south branches of the Muskoka River were lifted Tuesday.

Boat operators are still being advised to be cautious on water and are encouraged to watch for debris and adjust their boat speed accordingly.

Muskoka Lakes will also be issuing residents vouchers to dispose of flood-damaged waste for free at the Eveleigh Road Transfer Station and Rosewarne Transfer Station during operating hours.

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The province activated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program for Muskoka Lakes residents on Tuesday.

Residents are advised that properties in flooded areas using well, lake or river water should assume the water is not potable. Municipal water sources are not affected.

Sandbag drop-off depots are available at 3951 Muskoka Rd. 169, 1078 Raymond Rd. and 1158 Ranwood Rd.

All states of emergency in Muskoka’s municipalities — Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge and Huntsville — have been lifted.

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