Muslim politician responds to hate tweet by helping pay troll's medical bills

A Muslim politician responded to a constituent’s hateful tweets by helping to pay the man’s medical bills.

Qasim Rashid, a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia, was upset after receiving ‘deeply hurtful’ tweets from Oscar Dillon, 66, claiming that Islam promoted rapes and beheadings.

But instead of lashing out at the bigotry, Rashid looked into Dillon’s background, and discovered he’d launched a GoFundMe page to pay medical bills after his wife suffered a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. He donated $55, with the cash also helping towards fitting accessibility features to the Dillons’ home in Fredricksburg.

And Rashid’s good deed quickly prompted a remorseful response from Dillon.

The politician tweeted: ‘Last week a Conservative constituent sent me deeply hurtful anti-Muslim tweets.

‘I replied by donating to his GoFundMe to help cover his crushing medical debt

‘He wrote me a thoughtful & compassionate apology & asked me to visit him

‘Today I met my new friend Oz #WinTheHearts.’

Rashid, who emigrated to the US from Pakistan, also included a photo of himself with Dillon.

Dillon himself said he’d been humbled by Rashid’s response.

He told NBC News: ‘What this has done is reopen my eyes.

‘9/11 was a tragic time for me and my family.’

‘This has reopened my eyes to pre-9/11, where I would look at each individual as a person.

‘He has showed me that there is good in all walks of life.’

Rashid’s response also credited with helping boost fund-raising for Dillon’s GoFundMe page, with many of those contributing towards its $26,000 goal saying they’d been inspired by the politician’s grace.

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