Mysterious monkey deaths spark ‘enormous panic’ in India amid coronavirus fears

The mysterious deaths of more than a dozen monkeys have sparked “enormous panic” in India — with locals fearing it could be tied to the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports.

At least 15 simians in Pawansa village are believed to have died from pneumonia — a common complication seen in those infected by COVID-19, according to The Weather Channel India.

While necropsy results are still awaited, locals are said to fear the deadly bug after reports of animals also getting infected, most notably Nadia, the Malayan tiger at New York’s Bronx Zoo, the report said

Local state Chief Wildlife Warden Sanjay Mohan said the tiger news has led to extra precautions in Indian zoos, but elsewhere precautions can mostly only be made “by observation.”

The Indian Veterinary Research Institute, which is carrying out the monkeys’ necropsies, believes the animal likely died of liver and kidney infections from drinking water contaminated with insecticides, the report notes.

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