Mystery as Stephen Lawrence documentary Episode 3 is removed from BBC iPlayer for 'legal reasons'

Episode three of Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation was taken down over an inaccuracy.

Puzzled viewers who queried why the programme was not available to view online were told: "Episode 3 has been removed for legal reasons".

The BBC said it was in the process of editing the show  — which was due to cover the fight to bring Stephen's killers to justice.

Stephen, 18, was fatally stabbed by a gang of racists in Eltham, South East London, on April 22 1993.

His death marked a watershed moment in race relations as a bombshell government report carried out following the murder found London's Metropolitan Police to be "institutionally racist".

The doc gaffe led to questions on social media as some accused the Beeb of a technical blunder.

One viewer wrote: "So mad that the 3rd episode of the stephen lawrence documentary got removed from bbc iplayer".

Another fumed: "Where has the third part of the Stephen Lawrence documentary gone on iplayer? It was there before the weekend but now it’s gone??"

Last night a BBC spokesperson told The Sun Online: "Episode 3 of Stephen: The Murder That Changed The Nation was briefly taken off of iPlayer to correct an inaccuracy in one episode.

"It has now been rectified, and is being re-uploaded to BBC iPlayer."

The BBC would not specify what the error was or when the episode will be available to watch.

The programme was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Stephen's death on Sunday.

A memorial service marking the event took place on Monday as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined relatives paying tribute to Stephen's life and the work of his brave family.

Harry, quoting his dad Prince Charles, said: "It hardly seems possible that 25 years have passed since Stephen Lawrence was so cruelly taken from his family".

Mum Doreen Lawrence, made a Baroness in 2016, welcomed Theresa May's announcement that April 22 be officially commemorated as Stephen Lawrence Day.

She told the congregation at St Martin-in-the-Fields church in Central London: "I feel honoured she has recognised the changes that have been made in Stephen's name and the changes that are still needed."

The PM had said: "For the past 25 years, Doreen and Neville have fought heroically to ensure that their son's life and death will never be forgotten.

"Their dignity, their courage and their sheer determination are an inspiration to us all.

"We are privileged to be here today at this special final anniversary service to commemorate Stephen."

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