Nats Getty comes out as transgender and non-binary in emotional post

Billionaire oil heir Nats Getty comes out as transgender and non-binary while revealing breast surgery scars in emotional post: ‘I’m taking my time to discover my most authentic self’

  • The 28-year-old activist and model shared the news on their Instagram account on Tuesday evening
  • In the photo, Nats is seen posing topless with their spouse, transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous 
  • Nats revealed their top surgery scars in the photo, and in a written post, they explained that the procedure was the start of their ‘physical transition’
  • The artist explained that they are ‘taking time to discover their most authentic self’, adding that they have not yet decided ‘which pronouns best suit them’ 
  • In a YouTube video posted on 28-year-old Gigi’s channel, Nats explained that they ‘don’t find it insulting’ when people refer to them as ‘she/her’
  • The clip documented Nats’ top surgery, which took place in San Francisco 
  • Nats’ mother is Ariadne Getty, and their grandfather is philanthropist Sir John Paul Getty Jr., grandson of oil tycoon George Franklin Getty

Billionaire oil heir Nats Getty has come out as ‘transgender non-binary’ while revealing that they have started their physical transition by undergoing top surgery to remove their breasts.

The model and activist, 28, displayed their top surgery scars while posing shirtless for a photo with transgender spouse Gigi Gorgeous; Nats also documented the operation in a video posted to their 28-year-old wife’s YouTube channel.    

On Instagram, Nats detailed their ’emotional and exciting’ decision to come out as transgender and non-binary, writing: ‘I have spent my entire life not in sync with the body I was born with and confined by an outwardly appearance that did not match my mind or soul.’

Coming out: Billionaire oil heir Nats Getty has come out as ‘transgender non-binary’ in a revealing post on Instagram, while revealing their top surgery scars 

Support: Nats, 28, posed for two shirtless images with their transgender spouse Gigi Gorgeous. The couple tied the knot in July 2019

From the heart: The second slide in the post was an emotional and informative text post shedding more light on Nats’ transition

‘It wasn’t until recently that I was even comfortable admitting this to myself, once I was able to look inwards and truly reflect on my authentic self.’ 

Nats went on to explain their decision to undergo top surgery, describing the procedure as the start of their physical transition. 

‘This surgery is something I have wanted for years and I can’t believe I will finally have the chest I have always dreamed of,’ they continued. 

The activist added that they know what a ‘privilege’ it is to be in a position where surgery is possible ‘when for so many’ it is not an option. 

Nats, whose mother is heiress and businesswoman Ariadne Getty, praised their loved ones for surrounding them with so much ‘love and support’ during their transition, while paying tribute to those who ‘are having to navigate this alone and in silence’. 

They concluded the emotional post by explaining that their ‘physical transition is new’, and as a result they are still taking time to ‘discover their most authentic self’, and ‘which pronouns best suit them’.  

‘But for now, I know one thing is for certain I am Nats,’ the post read. ‘To my trans brothers and sisters and non-binary family: I am here for you, I am here with you, and I love you.’ 

Nats’ wife Gigi shared a second image of the couple on her own Instagram page, once again showing the duo posing shirtless, along with a heartfelt caption that read: ‘Can’t even begin to express how happy, proud and in awe I am of you, Nats.’ 

Gigi then directed her followers to her YouTube page, where she posted a video charting Nats’ top surgery journey, which took place in San Francisco, documenting their road trip from Los Angeles, the pre-op process, the day of the operation, and the first day of Nats’ recovery.  

The candid clip began with a message from Nats in which they reiterated several points made in their Instagram post: ‘I am trans non-binary. I went to San Francisco to get top surgery.

‘I am allowing myself time with my new body to decide what pronouns best suit me,’ the message read. 

‘During this time, some people refer to me as she/her and I don’t find it insulting because I am still on my journey of figuring out what pronouns work for me.’ 

The couple were joined on their road trip to San Francisco by a few close friends, including Gottmik, also known as Kade Gottlieb, who made history as the first trans man to star RuPaul’s Drag Race, appearing on the current 13th season.

After revealing that they were feeling ‘really good’ about their top surgery, Nats then traveled to the Gender Confirmation Center to meet with Dr. Scott Mosser

‘No t*ts ever again!’: The exhaustive 16-minute clip covered the pre-op day

Just afterward: The video also showed Nats on the day of operation

Candid and revealing: The clip showed Nats and Gigi in constant contact throughout the operation 

Results: The clip also included a bit of footage after the procedure was complete

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