Naturist Victoria Vantage says her nude videos lead to proposals from fans of her bottom

NATURIST and registered nurse Victoria Vantage says nudity isn't sexual– and that she's gotten a few proposals from fans watching her videos online.

Vantage, 29, said she first fell into naturism after she volunteered to be a nude model for a life drawing class in 2009 while she was at university.

The Columbus, Ohio native said the modeling liberated her and allowed her to feel comfortable being naked and natural.

The modeling career took off for Vantage as it sparked her passion for naturism and she continued nude art modeling, saying she has always been interested in the human form and the art gigs allowed her to discover her own relationship with her body.

Vantage, a naturist advocate and influencer in addition to being a registered nurse, said she now is hoping to dispel myths that naturists are nude 24/7.

Instead, she's hoping to spread her love and acceptance for her body in its natural form– and says even though some might call her a "slut," she says nudity need not be sexual.

Vantage said she does most household tasks naked as well as hikes and cycles in the buff as well– but only if she feels safe and comfortable to do so– and knows it won't be disrespectful to others.

The social media influencer also says she's received countless marriage proposals from fans on Instagram and through Patreon, and says people are big fans of her behind. She has a following that is 96 percent male, with most fans between 25 and 44 years old.

Mostly, Vantage says she wants to show people nudity is natural, and hopes to get rid of cultural taboos denoting nudity as solely sexual, which does lead to insecurity.

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