Nearly naked teen charged for jumping on wing of airplane

The teenager that jumped onto the wing of an airplane at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport — while dressed in only his underwear — was charged with a host of offenses.

Jhyrin Jones, 19, was charged with criminal trespassing, public indecency, causing damage, and obstruction of law enforcement officers, after he scaled a 12-foot fence and ran out onto the tarmac shortly before 5 a.m. on Tuesday afternoon, Reuters reports. After scaling the fence, Jones reportedly jumped onto the wing of a Delta plane that had just touched down at Hartsfield-Jackson from Miami and attempted to open the aircraft’s emergency door from the outside.

“People were crying,” said passenger Tim James, who also claimed that Jones actually got the door open at one point. “My first thoughts were he had jumped off of the plane, so I was more concerned he had something else on the plane that needed to be taken off. It was scary.”

In video recorded by other passengers, the man appeared only wearing underwear and carrying his clothes. A flight attendant added that, at one point, he even put his ID in his mouth before he “ripped it apart” and threw it away, according to Reuters.

In a tweet, the airport said operations were not been impacted by the incident.

Jones’ bond was set at $18,000 by a magistrate court in Clayton County, Ga., on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

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