Neighbor 'who shot dead' bicycle boy, 5, had dinner with child's dad the day before, grieving father claims

THE NEIGHBOR accused of shooting a five-year-old boy at point-blank range feasted on grilled chicken with the child’s dad the day before. 

Darius Sessoms, 25, who allegedly shot Cannon Hinnant after he rode into his yard, had been invited to the dead boy’s family home because "he looked sort of down".

Cannon was riding his bike in Wilson, North Carolina with his two sisters on August 9 when Sessoms, allegedly walked up to the boy and shot him in the head.

But the boy’s dad, Austin Hinnant, told Crime Stories with Nancy Grace how he had dinner the day before the killing. 

He said: "He was sitting in his car and it looked like he had a lot on his mind and looked like he was kind of down.

"We were already cooking chicken on the grill for the kids and ourselves and there was extra.

"So I just told him that the Lord says to love thy neighbor.

"It was a kind thing to do and something Cannon would do."

Austin said there was no sign of anger towards his son.

He said: "No, he sat right on my couch with me and we ate at the coffee table while my fiancée ate at the kitchen table with the other children. 

"There were never any issues. We finished our dinner, walked outside and had a cigarette.

"He said thank you and went on with his night."

Austin and Cannon’s mother Bonny Waddell said they believed Sessoms was on drugs and having hallucinations at the time of the shooting.

But they say this is no excuse.

They say their neighbor, who has been charged with first-degree murder,should be found guilty and get the death penalty for killing their son.

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