Neighbours baffled by vertical ‘keep clear’ road markings branding them ‘worst they’ve ever seen’ – The Sun

COUNCIL workmen were ridiculed after painting what could be Britain's narrowest Keep Clear signs.

Residents were left scratching their heads after the shoddy markings, which appear to read "Kece Eplar", appeared at the end of Horseshoe Road in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The words "Keep Clear" are painted in one metre vertical rows of two letters with a massive "R" alone at the bottom.

Locals have dubbed the bizarre paint job the "worst they've ever seen" while highways bosses have said they are looking into the blunder.

Nigel Chapman, 49, of Spalding, was left in hysterics after spotting the markings and took a picture of them as he walked past on Saturday.

He said: "It's a bizarre way of doing those road markings. I was quite amused by what I saw and had to take a picture.

"Road markings have to be done right and I've never seen letters like that. I've never seen anything as bad as that. It looks like 'Kece Eplar'.

"I am sure there are some traffic regulations which say that letters have to read from left to right rather than being stacked on top of each other."

The dad-of-two believes the markings are there to stop cars from parking next to the curb and stopping cyclists from going through the gap.

"There are on four sides of that road and I would say they are no more than a metre wide," said Nigel.

"This bit of road has been cut off with bollards for at least 20 years."

Freelance journalist Nigel tweeted the image with a laughing face emoji and the caption: "This abomination has just popped up in Spalding."

Lincolnshire County Council responded in brilliant fashion, by writing "Oopsy Daisy" in the same style as the markings and added: "Yeah sorry this might be us. Let's see what we can do".

Nigel added: "I posted it on Twitter as a funny item, it wasn't a dig at anybody. People have said it is what we need at the moment for a bit of a laugh.

"It was a bit of light entertainment and I think only one person complained about it being a waste of taxpayer's money.

"Who can honestly say they have never done anything in their line of work they have botched?"

Other residents took to social media to mock the barmy road markings.

One person said on Twitter: "It's the worst markings I've ever seen. It's that bad, it's funny. But we all make mistakes, right?"

Another web user wrote: "Got to be the narrowest keep clear sign in the history of…well, keep clear signs. Just brilliantly bad."

Another added: "Only in Lincolnshire would you seem something like this – it's great and sad at the same time."

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