New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer axes Jeremy Corbyn’s hard left Shadow Cabinet allies and replaces them with moderates – The Sun

NEW Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer axed Jeremy Corbyn’s hard left allies and replaced them with moderates.

Diane Abbott lost her post as Shadow Home Secretary and Mr Corbyn’s closest ally John McDonnell was replaced as Shadow Chancellor by Anneliese Dodds.

Sir Keir handed a top job to one of his leadership rivals, Lisa Nandy — who was appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary, replacing Emily Thornberry.

But Rebecca Long Bailey, who Sir Keir beat into second place in the leadership election, was left sweating after not bagging one of the top jobs.

Sources close to Sir Keir insisted Ms Long Bailey would be given a front-bench role.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, another rising star in the party, was given the coveted Shadow Home Secretary job.

Like Ms Dodds, he is seen as from the “soft left” wing of the party.

Moderate Rachel Reeves has been brought back as Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, replacing Jon Trickett.

New deputy leader Angela Rayner was also appointed the Labour Party chairman, a key role in co-ordinating election strategy.

Sir Keir said he wanted all factions of the party to serve in his shadow cabinet and stressed that he wanted to bring an end to whether people were Blairites or Corbynistas.

He said: “We are living through a national emergency.

“Under my leadership, the Labour Party will always act in the country’s interest to save lives and protect livelihoods.

“That will be the number one priority of my Shadow Cabinet.”

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