New map shows which parts of Canada lag on believing in climate change

While most Canadians accept climate science, those in Alberta — and to some extent Saskatchewan — are less likely to believe that the planet is warming due to human activity.

That’s according to public opinion research published by a group of scholars that sheds new light on Canadians’ attitudes toward climate change — and the measures they support to tackle it.

They estimate that within Alberta, 42 per cent think the earth is warming partly or mostly due to human activity, compared with the national average of 60 per cent. Saskatchewan was 13 points lower than the national average at 47 per cent.

But the provincial picture doesn’t tell the whole story, as co-lead researcher Matto Mildenberger points out.

“There’s very much an urban-rural divide in those two provinces,” said Mildenberger, an associate professor of political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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