New vid shows cops pinning down black dad before shooting him seven times in back

A SHOCKING new video has emerged showing the moments leading up to the shooting of an unarmed black man by white police officers.

Jacob "Jake" Blake, 29, was shot multiple times in front of his horrified children in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

Viral footage captured by a neighbour who says he is so traumatised by the incident he can't sleep shows two officers walking behind Blake, pointing a gun at his back.

He then leans forward into his car door and a police officer empties his gun into the man's back, as around seven shots can be heard and a woman screams in horror.

But footage from a different angle shows the struggle prior the shots, with cops pinning Mr Blake down.

Witnesses say Mr Blake had been attempting to deescalate an argument between two women before the police became involved.

A male witness told KARE-11 Blake wasn't armed or aggressive when he tried to break up the fight between two women before he was shot on 40th Street at around 5pm.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers condemned the "excessive use of force" in front of Blake's kids amid demands that the officer be brought to justice.

Neighbour Raysean White, who captured the original footage, said Mr Blake told his son to get inside his vehicle as he investigated the women's disagreement.

But when the neighbour looked out of the window again he saw cops had arrived and were "wrestling" with Mr Blake.

He said one officer had Blake in a headlock and was punching his ribs before a female officer tased him, at which point Mr White began recording.

New footage appears to follow this version of events, with two or three figures "wrestling," one of whom is said to be Mr Blake.

A man – thought to be Mr Blake – then breaks free from the scrum, and walks to the side of his SUV before shots ring out.

A woman can be heard screaming to her mother to get out of the way.

Yesterday, Blake's father spoke out following the incident.

He said: "No matter what [the police] say, it doesn't justify shooting my son in the back eight times."

"None of that sh** is justified by what they did to my son," Blake Sr continued. "After surgery he is stable. Stable. Still here.

"You hit him with eight shots. You can't take nothing that's not yours. Forget it."

Blake came out of surgery on Monday morning and remains in ICU, according to reports.

"We will continue to pray as he fights," one family member wrote on Twitter as the protests continue.

The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation will investigate the shooting and take the findings to District Attorney Michael D. Graveley while the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.

Mr Blake is being represented by lawyer Benjamin Crump, who is also spearheading the George Floyd case.

DA Graveley has said the investigation is still in "its earliest stages."

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