New York’s coronavirus death toll now greater than several countries — including China

The number of coronavirus deaths and infections in New York has now eclipsed those in each of China, Iran and Germany, new statistics show.

There were 5,489 deaths and 138,863 infections from COVID-19 in the Empire State as of Tuesday evening, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In China, 3,335 fatalities have been reported among 82,718 cases. Iran has seen at least 3,872 deaths and 62,589 infections.

Germany’s death toll was even lower, at 1,983, with 107,458 cases.

In New York City alone, there have been at least 3,544 deaths and 74,601 infections reported.

The deaths in the state account for about 44 percent of all US fatalities from the virus, while its cases make up about 35 percent of all those in the nation.

Spain and Italy, which have the most cases after the US, have racked up 13,912 and 17,127 deaths, respectively.

France, which has the fourth-largest case count, reported 10,343 fatalities.

The raw numbers don’t factor in population counts, the number of people tested or deaths or cases that may have gone unreported.

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