NHS nurse had her car stolen after finishing gruelling 12-hour shift treating Covid patients

A NURSE had her car stolen after finishing a gruelling 12 hour shift treating coronavirus patients.

Tekesha Phillips, 22, was left devastated after heartless thieves took her motor in Birmingham.

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All the NHS worker wanted to do was hop into bed after working through the night until 7am.

She had just completed her third night shift in a row while decked out in full PPE.

But as Tekesha left Birmingham’s City Hospital, the nurse found her Ford Fiesta was missing.


All that was left of her car on the residential street was a pile of broken glass from her window.

Tekesha called the cops on Monday, but was told not to be hopeful due to a lack of evidence.

She told The Sun: “This was my third shift at a new hospital.

“I was parked opposite the hospital, because I don’t yet have access to car parking.

I had spent 12 hours in full protective clothing, as you can imagine, that’s exhausting in itself."

“I had spent 12 hours in full protective clothing, as you can imagine, that’s exhausting in itself.

“When I left in the morning, my car was gone, I thought I was going mad.

“It wasn’t until I walked back that I saw the glass and I realised my car had been stolen.

“I had worked for so long that my phone had run out of battery, so I asked a colleague for a lift.


“When I charged it I called the police, but they instantly closed it because there were no witnesses.”

The devastated nurse is now questioning whether she wants to return to work at the hospital.

Tekesha, from Birmingham, added: “I don’t feel safe returning to that hospital now.

“I try not to think about what happened, because it’s still quite raw.

“All of my no claims is gone from my insurance now and I’m going to have to write off the car.

“I’m not sure how much I’ll get from them. My driving license was inside the car as well.”

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