Nigel Farage’s followers must put their faith in Boris Johsnon to stop Jeremy Corbyn destroying Brexit – The Sun

Be smart, Nige

NIGEL Farage has finally put his faith in Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit. His Brexit Party followers, and even his candidates, should now do the same.

The significance of his big announcement was the signal it sent his voters:

That Boris’s deal WILL mean a proper Brexit only a Tory majority can deliver. That a vote for the Brexit Party could prevent it. That the sole alternative is a Corbyn coalition Government — bringing on the sickening, undemocratic nightmare of a rigged second referendum and the destruction of Brexit.

So our message to Sun readers in Labour or Lib-Dem seats is this: Vote Tory in enough numbers and Brexit will be done in weeks. Only lifelong Labour Leavers who can never face doing so should back the Brexit Party. That, we hope, is what Mr Farage intends.

We applaud his U-turn as far as it goes. It certainly makes Tory seats easier to defend. But Mr Farage could still prevent Boris turning traditional Labour seats blue — which is vital for a majority.

That makes zero sense after everything Mr Farage said yesterday, so we urge him to go further. To woo only Labour voters on doorsteps and social media. To withdraw more candidates splitting the Leave vote and harming Tory chances of winning a marginal.

Remainers are making pacts and using sneaky tactical voting apps.

Mr Farage, his candidates and backers must be equally canny to secure the Brexit he has spent his life trying to achieve.

Get growing

THE fact we have dodged recession will gravely disappoint Remain diehards.

But it is yet more evidence of our economy’s staggering resilience, even during the political mayhem as we changed Prime Ministers and approached a possible No Deal exit.

And growth will surely soar if our years of Brexit uncertainty are ended by a Tory victory. Under a Corbyn/Lib/SNP pact it will be a nostalgic memory.

Indeed, recession is nailed-on once rich taxpayers and job-creating investors flee the first Marxists to sit in Downing Street.

Armed farces

CORBYN would not have supported our troops in ANY war, we now know.

His shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry let the cat out of the bag.



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Who the hell does Cummings think he is bragging about toppling Boris?


God save us from minor royals like Prince Andrew with major attitude problems


Ukraine needs our help. Being British means we stand up for FREEDOM

But do not mistake him for a pacifist. He backs terrorists waging war on the West or Israel. Ask the IRA or Hamas.

Would PM Corbyn keep us safe? Would he hell. He admits he would never deploy our nukes — instantly negating them as a deterrent.

And, incredibly, Thornberry even reckons Labour would only retaliate to a Russian nuclear attack after a Cabinet vote. Assuming Moscow’s war machine gave them enough time to meet, that is.

What a farcical embarrassment.

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