NJ state employee says cops and prosecutors ignored her sex assault claims

A New Jersey state employee claims she was sexually assaulted by a man who went on to work in Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration — and authorities couldn’t have cared less.

“At each turn, I’ve just felt so disappointed,” Katie Brennan, chief of staff for the state’s Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, told The Wall Street Journal.

“I tried everything. And none of it worked,” she said. “If I can’t get any justice, I just don’t seriously know who can.”

Brennan claims to have been attacked by Albert Alvarez, chief of staff at the Schools Development Authority, in April 2017. She was allegedly pushed onto a couch by him and then attacked inside her home after he asked to use her bathroom.

Brennan told the Journal that she reported the alleged incident to the police and Jersey City Medical Center emergency department, which evaluated her for sexual assault. The results of the test, however, were not disclosed in the WSJ article.

Brennan claims that cops and the Hudson County Prosecutor turned a blind eye to her accusations and refused to pursue charges.

“I closed my office door and I just bawled,” she said of finding out about the decision. “I felt like I wasn’t heard.”

Gov. Murphy insists, though, that the allegations were handled appropriately.

“It is clear that the process during the Transition was inconsistent with our values, and the hire should not have happened,” Murphy said in a statement. “We must now ask: how can we hold ourselves to a higher standard moving forward?”

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