Northbound lanes of Red Hill Valley Parkway to reopen Wednesday

Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) traffic woes aren’t coming to an end, but they are switching directions.

The City of Hamilton says resurfacing of the northbound lanes of the parkway is now complete, and they will gradually reopen to motorists on Wednesday from the Lincoln Alexander Expressway (LINC) to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) after being closed since May 21 for resurfacing. Officials expect the parkway to be fully opened by Wednesday evening.

Once the northbound lanes of the RHVP reopen, motorists will have a two-day reprieve before the southbound lanes are closed for repaving starting at 10 p.m. on Friday.

That closure is also expected to last about three weeks.

The resurfacing is part of the city’s response to concerns about friction levels on the parkway, as detailed within a report that was kept under wraps for six years and is now the subject of a judicial inquiry and a class-action lawsuit.

The speed limit was also recently lowered to 80 km/hr along a collision-prone stretch of the road.

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