Nude model busted for posting photo of unclothed colleague

A South Korean nude model was arrested for taking a photo of a male colleague during an art class — and posting the snap online as revenge, according to new reports.

The woman, only identified by her last name, Ahn, admitted to police that she secretly took the photo and shared it on feminist site Womad on May 1, according to the Korea Herald.

Both she and the male victim were modeling for fine arts students at Hongik University in Seoul and met for the first time at the school.

She took the picture and posted it in retaliation for an argument the two had had over a rest area used by the nude models.

The victim, who secretly worked part-time as a male model, was mortified that the photo went viral and was seen far and wide — including by some of his relatives, according to the South China Morning Post.  He was also left distraught by hurtful comments made on Womad about his body and profession, including one that said: “Nude male models must have mental illnesses,” the outlet reported.

Ahn became a key suspect after police discovered she deliberately threw away one of her two cellphones she used.

She deleted the photo, telling police she didn’t think it would get “as serious as it has.”

Ahn was arrested Thursday and charged with illegally leaking photos of a person’s body without consent – which is punishable with a fine of up to 50 million won – nearly $47,000 — or a year in jail, The Korea Times reported. 

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