NYC shootings surged in February despite historic snowfall: NYPD

Neither sleet nor snow can slow the surge in New York City shootings.

The Big Apple saw a continued spiked in gun violence in February as crime overall dropped off during a month that saw historic snowfall.

The NYPD reported 77 shootings last month, an uptick of 75 percent from the 44 acts of gunplay in 2020, officials said.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced Thursday that the department had added 12 square miles of shot-spotter coverage over the last year to help reduce police response time for shootings.

“This isn’t just a scattershot approach to technology or just throwing technology at an issue, what we did is we looked at best-proven technology to deal with the conditions that we had at hand,” said Matt Fraser, the department’s deputy commissioner for information technology.

“I had a family member that was … hit by a stray bullet in a park. So I’ve seen firsthand the difference between having technology in the right area, what that can do in terms of getting people that are perpetrators of violent crime versus not having that technology.”

The department added 200 cameras as well.

Over the last year, New York City has seen an epidemic of gun violence, with the shootings nearly doubling from the year prior.

The NYPD continued its crackdown on firearms, recording 400 collars compared to 244 during the same month last year.

Overall, all major crime was down 26.5 percent during a February that saw more than 26 inches of snow.

The only category that saw an uptick was car thefts, which jumped 15.5 percent, according to NYPD data.

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