NYC’s New Normal: When will the city reopen, and what will it look like?

As new coronavirus cases continue a downward trend in New York City — and after almost two months on lockdown — quarantine-fatigued residents are looking ahead to when the Big Apple can finally start to reopen. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has set seven benchmarks each region must meet before they are permitted to start his four-phase reopening plan — and the city has so far fluctuated between meeting three or four of those stipulations. 

So when will things go back to “normal” — and when will “normal” even look like for the city that has become the national epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Post spoke to epidemiologists, public health experts, industry insiders and public officials to find out.

Here’s what we learned.

  • Restaurants: It will be at least another two months before dining resumes, and then you can expect masked servers, salad-bar monitors, fast-paced music and limited seating.
  • Beaches, pools and playgrounds: The city, state and federal governments all have different plans for reopening — or keeping closed — their portions of the shoreline. But one thing is for “shore” — there will be less fun in the sun at New York’s open spaces in the future.

Stay tuned to find out about the future of major-league sports, schools, Broadway, the subway system and more.

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