NYPD detective busted for stalking her ex-lover, tossing urine on her door

A​ female​ NYPD detective was​ busted for stalking and harassing an ex-​girlfriend for eight months, bombarding her with harassing texts and calls — and ​even ​tossing urine on her door, officials charged Tuesday.

Lori Campbell was slapped with charges including stalking, official misconduct, menacing, making graffiti, intimidating a witness and criminal mischief after she relentlessly harassed Allison Jones and her hubby Franklin Harding, according to ​a Brooklyn Supreme court indictment.

The 51-year-old detective was a former aide to NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan and has since been suspended, cops said.

Campbell became friends with Jones in 2004 and the pair were lovers for a brief time but Jones broke it off and later went on to marry a man, prosecutors said in court.

Then, starting last September, Campbell began bombarding Jones with calls and texts — contacting her over 2,400 times, prosecutors alleged.

Things escalated this past winter with Campbell attacking Jones sending her to the hospital for repairs on her pacemaker on Dec. 19, according to prosecutors.

Then on Feb. 10, Campbell spray-painted a security camera at Jones’ home and threw pee on her front door, prosecutors said in court.

Campbell is also accused of following Jones in an unmarked car and using NYPD databases to conduct searches on Jones and her husband, prosecutors allege.

She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment in Brooklyn court and was released on her own recognizance.

Campbell’s lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment.

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