Onlookers celebrate shooting of LA deputies as audio reveals moment cop begs for help after taking bullet in head

ONLOOKERS celebrated the shooting of two Los Angeles deputies as audio revealed the moment a cop begged for help after taking a bullet in the head.

The deputies were shot in an ambush in Compton late on Saturday night.

New footage has been revealed of bystanders mocking the incident, which left the two officers hospitalized.

In a livestream on Instagram, one user recorded the events with a running commentary.

"N**** just aired the police out, n****!" the man exclaims. "They just aired the police out, n****! It go up in Compton. Them n****s just got aired out, cuz. They just bust on them n****s — that’s crazy.

"Two sheriffs shot in the face!" he continues, filming the police car. "N****s bust on the police, n****."

In another video, a person can be heard yelling, “I want to deliver a message to the family of the pigs: I hope they f***ing die.”

Over the weekend, shocking footage emerged showing a man repeatedly shooting at the 24-year-old male and 31-year-old female officer from the Transit Services Bureau in their patrol car outside the city's Metro Blue Line station.

Footage shows the unidentified shooter open firing on the passenger side of the patrol vehicle, leaving both the male and female deputy with critical head wounds.

The suspect got off a bus at the station and then carried out the attack before fleeing on foot.

The deputies were rushed to St. Francis hospital after they were shot at to undergo emergency surgery – but the male suspect remains at large.

The officers are now out of surgery and in a stable condition, AP reported, and are expected to survive.

New audio, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, showed that one of the officers was able to radio for help.

The sheriff, almost inaudibly, told the dispatcher "Compton Pax 998."

"998 Compton Pax we have a deputy down shot in the head," a dispatcher said.

In additional audio, one deputy can be heard begging "I've been shot, send help," according to ABC7.

A $100,000 reward has been offered to help find the gunman.

Donald Trump also condemned the shooting of these deputies in a fiery Twitter statement on Sunday.

"Animals that must be hit hard!" the president wrote, adding: "If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!"

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