OnlyFans worker makes £41,000 pretending to be models by managing their inboxes

Working as a manager for several unnamed top OnlyFans models, a man revealed that he earns over £41,000 a month managing the accounts of top models in the industry.

Speaking to VICE, the man, who called himself Marc described his life of sending personalised messages to OnlyFans users on behalf of the content creators he works for.

As the owner of a communications agency and a part-time fashion photographer, Marc's day job involves managing Instagram and Facebook pages for professionals, mainly doctors and dentists.

However, for the past 18 months, he has also been the OnlyFans and Patreon accounts for several influencers, managing anywhere between 'four and seven at any one time.'

While his job involves him publishing content for the models, Marc revealed that the bulk of his work involves replying to messages by fans, who are mostly men, on behalf of his clients.

Working as a fashion photographer, Marc was introduced to the industry when several of his clients asked if they could use his photos for OnlyFans. Seeing the link between his day job managing social media and OnlyFans, he decided to offer his services.

Marc also detailed how he spends 90% of his time responding to messages from men, some of whom had very specific and weird tastes.

"They’ve got fantasies that involve hair, nails, or feet," he said: "some people even want photos where the model is wearing a face covering or surgical gloves."

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Upon receiving these requests, Marc would pass them on to the models if they're doable and within an hour, they would send him the photos.

An important aspect of his job is making himself sound just like his clients to fool the fans. To do this, he would study the models' social media accounts carefully, making sure everything he says matches how they sound.

Whenever a fan suspects that the OnlyFans influencer isn't actually the one messaging him, Marc had a trick to allay suspicions. He said: "As soon as a guy asks me if it’s definitely the girl in question who’s replying to him, I ask the girl to make a short personalised video where she says, 'Thanks for your support, X.'"

Working as an OnlyFans manager is a very lucrative opportunity for Marc. He starts with a fixed fee of 2,500 euros (around £2,100) per month. After that he takes a 5 per cent commission on everything they earn for every 5,000 euros. This means he takes a 15 per cent if they earn 15,000 euros, 20 per cent for over 20,000 euros and so on.

For some top models, Marc revealed that he earns more than 50,000 euros (£41,000).

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