Orange County ‘shooter’ Aminadab Gonzalez 'locked gates before killing 4 including boy, 9, who died in mom’s arms’

THE suspected shooter allegedly locked the gates before killing four people – including a nine-year-old boy who died in his mom's arm.

Police identified the suspected gunman as 44-year-old Aminadab Gonzalez on Thursday morning.

Police have recovered a semi-auto handgun and a backpack with handcuffs.

The suspect is accused of killing a young boy, two women and a man and injuring another woman as police have recovered a semi-auto handgun and a backpack with handcuffs.

Orange County's DA said the nine-year-old boy appears to have died in his mother's arms, who was also wounded as she was trying to save him.

He also said the suspect could possible face the death penalty.

Orange police Lt. Jennifer Amat also revealed that the gunman had chained gates to the complex closed, forcing officers who responded Wednesday to engage him from outside.

The suspect iscurrently at the hospital with gunshot wound.

According to police the suspect as Aminadab Galaxio Gonzalez, 44, of Fullerton.

They said the motive of the shooting was business and personal.

The horrifying footage shows cops trying to help the victims, before pouncing on the suspect.

A CBS2 tweeted that the shooting happened at two business suites of Unified Homes, a real estate business.

Officers grabbed the suspected shooter, who was on the floor, cuffed him and dragged him away.

The man recording the footage can be heard saying "look at all that blood" before speculating as to whether the suspect was alive or not.

The shooting happened at 5.30pm in the city of Orange, in Orange County, and police said a suspect was critically injured with a gunshot wound and has been hospitalized.

Police confirmed that officers exchanged fire with the suspect who was eventually shot.

A woman was also critically wounded at the scene and rushed to hospital.

However, an NBCLA journalist reported that three of the victims may have been related.

This is the third deadly mass shooting in the United States in two weeks after a massacre in Atlanta, Georgia and another in Boulder, Colorado.

Video shared online appears to show cops handcuffing the suspect as he struggles on the ground.

A Twitter user wrote: "Officers seen removing two handguns from an individual who lie motionless on the ground. Officers could be seen leading two others away in handcuffs."

According to the Orange County Register, two other people were detained following the deadly shooting.

At least two bodies could be seen outside the building, with another on the second floor and one in the complex's courtyard, KABC-TV reports.

In a statement, police said: "Officers arrived as shots were being fired and located multiple victims at the scene including fatalities.

"An officer involved shooting occurred. The situation has been stabilized and there is no threat to the public."

Lt Jennifer Amat said cops responded to the area of 202 West Lincoln Avenue near Glassell Street after reports that shots had been fired.

Shots were still being fired when police arrived, she said, and several victims were found.A gun was also recovered at the scene.

The shooting occurred at a two-story office building that is home to around a dozen businesses. Authorities said the suspect began shooting on the second floor.

Cops said the shooting started inside one of the businesses – but did not confirm which one – before moving out into the courtyard.

Unsubstantiated reports online claim the gunfire started at a family therapy office.

Witnesses say they heard two sets of gunfire.

One told KABC-TV: "I was just in my room hanging out. All of a sudden I heard five to seven gun shots go off.

"And then I waited a couple minutes and the police came. And I heard a few more gunshots go off. It was a lot, quickly. Then the helicopter showed up and it was silent after that."

They added: "We thought it was a car backfiring at first. Then it became louder and quicker and we knew it was not. It was quick gunfire shots."

Rep Katie Porter, whose district includes parts of Orange, took to Twitter to mourn the loss of those killed.

"I am deeply saddened by reports of a mass shooting in Orange County, and I'm continuing to keep victims and their loved ones in my thoughts as we continue to learn more," she wrote.

"My team and I will continued to monitor the situation closely."

California Gov Gavin Newsom called the attack "horrifying and heartbreaking, adding, "Our hearts are with the families impacted by this terrible tragedy tonight."

The horrific mass shooting is the third in the US this month, following the spa attacks in Georgia and the shooting at a grocery store in Boulder.

The attack on massage parlors in the Atlanta area left eight people dead, including six Asian women, and the attack in Boulder left 10 dead, including a police officer.

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