Outrage after puppy caged for up to nine months for nipping police officer

A fluffy Chow-chow puppy has been caged for up to nine months after it bit a police officer, it was reported last night.

Devastated owners, millionaire bankers David and Susan Hayes, have appointed lawyers to fight for their beloved pet Bungle’s release.

They told The Sun the decision to lock the pooch up for nine months under the Dangerous Dogs Act as "draconian" and "callous".

More than 2,500 supporters have backed a Facebook campaign to "Free Bungle", who is named after the lookalike bear from kids TV show Rainbow.

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The four-month-old puppy is said to be being held at secret kennels and the couple have no idea how he is coping.

David said: “We were informed that based on current case loads we would not likely see Bungle again until New Year and potentially up to nine months.”

The dog, worth £2,000, ran loose out of the family’s £2million home on Saturday.

He was found nearby, cowering under a lorry near Towcester in Northamptonshire.

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But a cop who approached Bungle was bitten twice, once on the hand and once on the arm.

The rich couple say the pet was frightened and were “so sorry for any injuries caused”.

The Sun reports that Northamptonshire Police are investigating whether to bring charges against the owners under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

If convicted, they could be fined or jailed and Bungle could be put down.

Northamptonshire Police were approached for comment last night.

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