Outrage as posters for 'women and non-binary' gym sessions are defaced to include 'everyone'

The ads for hour-long sessions for women and people who identify as non-binary were scrawled over at Girton College, Cambridge.

The poster originally read: "Women/non-binary only hour 7-8pm every Wednesday. (Both gyms and pool).

"Men, please be respectful and do not come in. Thank you."

The hour at the college, the first women's only college in the city, had College Council support to run.

But organisers have said they were "very disappointed" after someone scribbled over the words "women/non-binary".

And one male student protested the hour he was unable to use the gym and pool by standing outside.

A post online from organisers stated how "important" the hour is for women and non-binary people.

She said: "It has come to my attention that some students find it contentious that there is a women-only gym and swimming pool hour.

"I am very disappointed by this and recent actions against this initiative.

Men, please be respectful and do not come in. Thank you.

"This hour is incredibly important to have. Regardless of how many people use it, it provides a space for a community that is consistently structurally oppressed and may not feel comfortable exercising outside of this environment.

"This is not a sanction against men. This is to serve a community that is marginalised and does not necessarily feel safe or comfortable exercising with men.

"I want to stress that the fact that it is only for one hour a week, leaving about 83 additional daylight hours for men to use the facilities.

"This does not seem like a sacrifice.

"I ask you to consider this time and consider your own position and what privileges you have, and please respect this hour."

The hour-long sessions for women and non-binary people look set to continue.

The JCR told The Tab: "The JCR unanimously supports the women/non-binary gym and pool hour initiative.

"We as the Girton JCR will not tolerate acts of vandalism of any sort, especially those which aim to disrespect provisions for marginalised groups."

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