Paddlers warned about exploding numbers of 'deadly' weever fish targeting UK beaches

PADDLERS have been warned about exploding numbers of potentially killer fish.

Venomous spines on the fins and gills of weever fish can cause heart attacks and throats to swell up.

And the baking weather has caused their population to rocket.

The sand-coloured tiddler buries itself on the seabed and its spines sting those treading on it, causing excruciating pain.

The poison can cause localised paralysis.

Paddlers are advised to put on footwear or shuffle their feet to kick up sand, which frightens the fish away.

A lifeguard supervisor in Cornwall said: “Weever fish stings can be really painful. I’ve seen grown men cry.”

A coastguard said: "If you are stung, rinse the affected area with sea water, and remove any spines from the skin using tweezers or the edge of a bank card, taking care not to push them deeper – it is important not to touch the spines with your bare hands.

"Soaking the area in hot water for 30 minutes, using flannels or towels if unable to soak, will break up the venom.

"Those affected should not use vinegar, or pee on the sting."

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