Paedophile, 75, who assaulted six-year-old girl said the abuse was 'a game she wanted to play'

Twisted Cornelus Bezuidenhout, 75, described his perverted assault as part of a “game she wanted to play”.

The South African national was sentenced to 22 months’ jail, but could be freed after his ten-month non-parole period, reports the AAP.

At the Victorian County Court in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday, Justice Gabriele Cannon slammed the civil engineer's offending as "repugnant" and "deluded".

"What you said was tinged with blaming the six-year-old,” she said during sentencing.

But he had told his wife of 26 years that nothing had happened and initially denied sexually assaulting the child.

However he later admitted to sexually touching the girl on two occasions in 2017, once in a car near her home and another time at a house.

In a police interview in January, the pervert claimed: “It was a game she wanted to play. She knew exactly what she was doing."

According to MailOnline, he also told detectives that he was a “good Christian”.

The paedo was caught after his terrified victim begged her parents not to allow him to return to their home.

The girl explained to the judge that he had hurt her.

Bezuidenhout has been added to the sex offenders' registry for 15 years.

He could face deportation to South Africa upon his release from prison.


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