Panicking nursery school kids showered in fireworks as indoor Christmas show goes horribly wrong

HORRIFIC footage has emerged showing scenes of blind panic when fireworks suddenly exploded at an indoor festive kindergarten party.

Local sources suggest the kindergarten had intended a show of safe indoor fireworks but had been accidentally supplied with outdoor pyrotechnics instead.

Children and adults screamed in terror as a children’s performance in Kazakhstan was interrupted by the unplanned pyrotechnic nightmare.

The incident unfolded as parents watched students performing alongside a costumed Santa – who in the former Soviet Union traditionally delivers presents at New Year not Christmas.

Children aged under seven were seen in the footage dressed in festive outfits when boxes of fireworks suddenly exploded causing fear and chaos.

One report said: “It seemed like shooting as if it was a terrorist attack or the nursery school was under siege

“There were load bangs, and bright flashes.

“Children and adults screamed, dived for cover, fled, and held their hands over their ears.”

It is not believed there were serious injuries from the incident, and no local hospitals reported treating any patients as a result of the kindergarten mayhem.



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Kazakh law enforcement authorities are now seeking to identify when and where the dramatic incident happened as details were not reported to police.

Reports from Tengrinews claim law enforcement officials were examining the video for clues to the location of the incident.

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