Paramedics on lunch break were 'ordered out of Regent's Park' jobsworths because they drove ambulance

The hard-working medics had stopped off for a short break, only to be given their marching orders by authorities.

An investigation has now been launched into why the crew were kicked out of the popular green space.

Speaking with Emergency Services media, the medic explained: “The sun was shining and people were pleasant birds a singing, until a ‘Park manager’ approached us and asked if we were on a call.

“To which I replied we have just finished break and we are on call.

“To our dismay he turned round and told us to leave the park as we are not permitted in there as we (the ambulance) was a trade/commercial vehicle.”

The paramedic argued they were not parked illegally, or blocking any entrances or exits.

But instead of being listened to, they said the manager was “rude and abrupt” as they tried to explain the situation.

They said: “Unfortunately we were given a job and unable to prove him wrong that we were NOT a trade vehicle.”

The Royal Parks today confirmed it was now investigating what had happened on Wednesday about 1pm.

A Royal Parks spokesperson said: “The Royal Parks takes all complaints very seriously and is investigating this incident.

“We do not consider emergency services vehicles transiting the parks to be commercial vehicles".

London Ambulance Service Assistant Director of Operations Peter Rhodes said: “Unless our ambulance vehicles are responding to an emergency call, we have a responsibility to adhere to the regulations of the Royal Parks.

“We are looking into this incident, and are liaising with the Royal Parks to establish clear guidelines for our crews when driving through or parking in Regents Park and other Royal Parks in London.”

It’s not the first time that ambulances have been met with hostility when parked – even when they were on a job.

One ambulance crew was subjected to a vile note telling them: “I couldn’t give a s*** if the whole street collapses” while they responded to a 999 call.

A selfish driver was also hunted by cops after he appeared to intentionally slow down an ambulance before hurling abuse at paramedics.

In another case, a vile yob was filmed abusing paramedics for blocking the road as they desperately worked to treat a patient.

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