Parents warned after new playground stunt 'Roundabout of Death' left schoolboy with g-force injuries doctors had only ever seen in FIGHTER PILOTS

Tyler Broome, 15, from Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, recreated a viral video known as the "Roundabout of Death" after being approached at his local park by an older lad with a motorbike.

The video shows a motorbike being laid on the ground next to a children's playground roundabout set.

Teenagers then climb onto the roundabout, and the back wheel of the bike begins spinning – moving the roundabout at an incredibly fast speed.

However when Tyler recreated the stunt, he was sick before collapsing.

While a friend stuck with Tyler to make sure he was OK, other teens present ran away.

His mum Dawn Hollingworth was alerted and rushed him to hospital as his face became gradually more and more swollen to the point where he could not open his eyes.

Doctors said that the teen was at risk of suffering a stroke because of the pressure and speed he had experienced.

Miss Hollingworth told Lincolnshire Live: “Doctors were really struggling to treat Tyler when we first arrived because of the injuries that he had gotten, but their work has been amazing since.

“I feel so thankful for the amazing nursing care he has received from the first response to the great team at Queen’s Medical Centre – they have been amazing."

The injuries he suffered are known as having "redout" – a condition fighter pilots develop when experiencing extreme negative g-force.

And the mum is concerned other children may recreate the stunt.

Miss Hollingworth added: “I feel so frustrated that there is such a site like YouTube where bloggers get paid for putting such ideas and videos into young children’s heads.

“There needs to be some discussion about banning these videos after what’s happened to my son.”

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