Passenger booted off flight after trying to smuggle ‘comfort cat’ on board

A passenger has been thrown off a flight in Glasgow after trying to smuggle a cat – which she needed for "emotional support" – onboard.

The American had hidden the pet in her hand luggage, but British Airways staff were having none of it, the Daily Record reports.

She was told to leave when the animal’s presence was discovered.

It has emerged that she was only caught out because she was sitting in an emergency exit, and was told she had to put her bag in an overhead locker.

The cat was stored in a box inside the bag.

The passenger appeared to leave the airport without booking an alternative flight.

An airport insider said: “BA don’t allow animals in the cabin. Security say the scanner would not have picked up the cat as being alive, dead or stuffed.

Emotional support and service animals can fly free on planed.

But some passengers seem to be testing the limits of credibility.

This month, a flier tried to bring her “emotional support” squirrel on to a plane in Orlando. And in January, a passenger in New York attempted to take his peacock on noard.

A BA spokeswoman said: “Cats cannot travel in the cabin but recognised assistance dogs travel free alongside their owners.

“Other animals need to travel in the hold.”

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