Pelosi slammed as a ‘liar’ after blaming Trump for border crisis and claiming Dems inherited broken system

NANCY Pelosi has been slammed as a "liar" after blaming Donald Trump for the United States border crisis and claiming Democrats inherited the broken system.

Backlash against the House Speaker comes after Pelosi insisted on Sunday that the Biden administration inherited "a broken system at the border" as the number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the US continues to surge.

In response to a Fox News article about Pelosi denouncing Trump amid the border wall crisis, dozens of readers criticized the House Speaker in the article's comments section.

One commenter called Pelosi "an absolute disgrace" and asserted that "every single law you’ve championed has been a utter disaster for this country."

"Every time your policies go south, you react by blaming the republicans with the most ridiculous lie you can sell to the masses," the Pelosi critic continued. "You are truly an evil sociopath, and you may go down in history as the most corrupt and accomplished liar to ever step foot in Congress."

Another commenter said: "Indeed, Pelosi is correct, the system is broken.

"And who broke it? All of those who passed immigration laws, then refused to enforce them, namely a lot of those who currently serve in congress.

"So, if Pelosi wants to know who created the mess, and whose job it is to fix it, she need look no further than the nearest mirror."

Some users even took to Twitter to condemn Pelosi, with one tweeting: "You should be impeached for lying to the American people over the immigration.

"Trump had it under control, his system was NOT broken. You are disgusting."

"No [email protected] the Trump admin inherited a broken immigration system & took steps to remedy the situation," another user tweeted. "You & [email protected] refused to cooperate to properly all in ur lust for power only to make it worse."

Fury on social media arose after Pelosi was interviewed on ABC’s This Week.

Pelosi denounced Trump for the unending crisis at the southern border after President Joe Biden finally sent help to overwhelmed ICE agents.

"This is a humanitarian challenge to all of us. What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children's interest," the 80-year-old Speaker of the House said.

"I'm so pleased that the president, as a temporary measure, has sent FEMA to the border in order to help facilitate the children going from the 72-hour issue into where they are cared for as they are transferred into family homes or homes that are safe for them to be."

She called the actions a "transition for what went wrong before to what is right," adding that "there are certain responsibilities that we must honor."

"We have to have a system that accommodates that, and that is what the Biden administration is in the process of doing," Pelosi said.

Pelosi revealed there are 600-700 more unaccompanied children arriving at the US-Mexico border than there were during the 2019 peak of minor detention during Trump's presidency.

The Biden administration has admitted they are unable to add thousands of shelter beds to care for the record numbers of migrant teens and children crossing the border.

Youngsters are currently stuck in crowded Border Patrol stations as the officials struggle to deal with the soaring numbers crossing from Mexico.

More than 3,500 unaccompanied teens have been left in steel-and-concrete detention cells designed for adults as they wait for shelter beds to open up, The Washington Post reported.

Department of Homeland Security figures show minors are spending around 108 hours in border stations before being transferred – well beyond the 72-hour legal limit.

On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security called on FEMA to support the border effort for the next 90 days "to safely receive, shelter and, transfer unaccompanied children," they said in a statement.

The Biden administration is desperate to find volunteers to crew border stations – and tent sites used as holding cells are crammed beyond capacity.

Biden has been criticized by Republicans for rolling back many of Trump’s immigration regulations, including the "Remain in Mexico" policy that required Central American asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while US courts reviewed their claims.

Meanwhile, Trump has blasted Biden over the "spiraling tsunami at the border" and warned "criminals" are surging into the United States.

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