Peter Phillips’ divorce is the last thing the embattled monarchy needs right now – The Sun

THE Queen is used to her children divorcing, but now the scourge has spread to her grandkids.

And for a woman so set on the concept of marriage being a lifelong commitment for the good of her church and her country, yet another messy and premature break-up will be galling.

It’s also, let’s be blunt, the last thing the embattled monarchy needs right now after 12 months from hell.

Of course, when all that is put to one side there is a very sad personal heartbreak here.

Peter Phillips is the Queen’s beloved oldest grandson and an important figure for The Firm behind-the-scenes who has been close to William and Harry.

Autumn’s decision to ask to separate will be devastating to him, given she was undoubtedly the love of his life and he has been open about being smitten from day one.

Now the royals face the prospect of yet another one of their young families splitting their time between the UK and Canada, Autumn’s homeland where their children have dual citizenship.

Even the suggestion that Autumn might be in some way inspired to follow the lead set by Harry and Meghan to spend more time in Canada will cause fury.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that, at 93, the Queen will feel like she’s watching the disintegration of her once solid family unit.

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