Petition to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman has 1.5MILLION signatures

Petition to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 reaches more than 1.5MILLION signatures as ex-husband Johnny Depp resigns from the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movies after losing his libel case

  • More than 1.5 million people have signed a petition to fire Amber Heard, 34, from Marvel’s Aquaman franchise
  • Petition organizers alleged that Heard ‘systematically crusaded to ruin [Johnny] Depp in Hollywood’
  • Heard and Depp, 57, have accused each other of domestic abuse and violence during their two year marriage 
  • Depp lost a libel case against The Sun publisher News Group Newspapers and executive editor Dan Wootton for referring to him as a ‘wife beater’
  • He was recently denied permission to appeal the decision made in London’s high courts and ordered to pay legal fees

A petition to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 has more than 1.5 million signatures as fans of Johnny Depp claim she ‘systematically crusaded’ to ruin his career. 

Heard’s role as ‘Hera’ in the Marvel franchise series continued to upset fans this week and 1.53million made clear their feelings about the actress – despite a judge ruling Depp had attacked his ex-wife a dozen times.

‘Since Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp, she has systematically crusaded to ruin Depp in Hollywood,’ the petition claimed.

Marvel fans have called for Amber Heard’s (left) termination after her ex-husband, Johnny Depp (right), resigned from his role in the ‘Fantastic Beast’ franchise 

The petition created on has amassed more than 1.53 million signatures as Heard confirmed she would remain part of the Aquaman cast 

The petition also alleged that Heard ‘created false accounts of him being the abuse’ before demanding Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment remove Heard from production.

‘Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2,’ the petition read. 

The backlash comes after Heard’s ex-husband, Johnny Depp, lost his libel case against The Sun publisher News Group Newspapers and executive editor Dan Wootton for calling him a ‘wife beater’ in a 2018 article.

Heard, 34, and Depp, 57, have repeatedly accused each other of domestic abuse during their two-year marriage that ended in 2017.  

‘Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ casting wife beater Johnny Deppin the new Fantastic Beasts film?’ the headline read.

But Justice Nicol last month determined that claim was ‘substantially true’ and ruled the libel case in the publisher’s favor – a massive blow to Depp’s million dollar case. 

Fans have demanded Heard (right), pictured as ‘Hera’ in Marvel’s Aquaman, be fired after she and Depp launched domestic abuse allegations at each other 

The fallout has dented his career, which recently resulted in his departure from author JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts movie franchise.

Depp, who played Gellert Grindelwald, announced is departure from the role after studio executives reportedly requested his resignation.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star said he stepped down from the role ‘in light of recent events.’

‘I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and I have respected and agreed to that request.’

Depp reportedly only shot a single scene for the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, but will still receive his $10million payday, Deadline reports.

Production started on Fantastic Beasts 3 on September 20 in London, though the studio had waited to see how Depp’s defamation lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun

Actor Mads Mikkelsen, who played the antagonist in James Bond’s Casino Royale, will take over the role in Depp’s place. 

As a result, Depp’s fans have since called for Heard’s termination from the Aquaman franchise.

Heard addressed rumors she wouldn’t reprise the role this month with Entertainment Weekly, noting: ‘Paid rumours and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate [casting decisions] because they have no basis in reality.

‘Only the fans actually made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year.’

Most recently, Depp was denied permission to appeal against the high court’s ruling on the libel case. 

Johnny Depp (pictured) was recently denied permission to appeal the ruling on the libel case he brought against The Sun publisher News Group Newspapers and executive editor Dan Wootton for labeling him a ‘wife beater’

Justice Nicol said in his ruling: ‘I do not consider that the proposed grounds of appeal have a reasonable prospect of success.’

The judge also ordered the actor to make an initial payment to NGN of almost $840,000 for the publisher’s legal fees.

Nicol said in his ruling: ‘In substance, the claimant disagrees with my findings of fact, but for the reasons summarised by (NGN’s barrister Adam Wolanksi QC) the findings of fact by a first instance tribunal – particularly one, such as myself, who has heard oral evidence – are rarely open to challenge on appeal.

‘In any event, I do not consider that the proposed grounds of appeal have a reasonable prospect of success – and that is also the case so far as the grounds of appeal suggest that I erred in principle or in law – and there is not some other compelling reason why permission to appeal should be granted.’

Amber Heard (left) and Johnny Depp (right) were married for two years  before filing for divorce in 2017

In the ruling, Nicol gave Depp until December 7 to apply directly to the Court of Appeal to overturn his judgment.

In his main judgment, Nicol concluded that 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence relied on by NGN did occur.

The judge found that Depp assaulted Heard on a dozen occasions and put her in ‘fear for her life’ on three occasions, including one the actress described as a ‘three-day hostage situation’ in Australia in March 2015.

Nicol found Heard was also in fear for her life during incidents on the Eastern and Oriental Express in South East Asia in August 2015 and again in LA in December of the same year.

The judge said ‘a recurring theme in Depp’s evidence was that Heard had constructed a hoax and that she had done this as an ‘insurance policy”, and that Heard was a ‘gold-digger’. 

But he added: ‘I do not accept this characterisation of Heard.’ 

His solicitor Jenny Afia, from the Schillings law firm, had said the High Court ruling was ‘as perverse as it is bewildering’, adding: ‘The judgment is so flawed that it would be ridiculous for Depp not to appeal this decision.’

But Heard’s US lawyer, Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, said: ‘For those of us present for the London High Court trial, this decision and judgment are not a surprise.

‘Very soon, we will be presenting even more voluminous evidence in the US.’ 

Depp is currently embroiled in a separate libel battle in the US, having sued Heard personally over a 2018 Washington Post opinion piece in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

The actor is reportedly seeking 50 million US dollars in damages from his ex-wife over the article, which did not mention him by name – but Heard is countersuing for twice that amount, claiming Depp orchestrated a smear camp against her.

That case is due to be heard in Virginia, where the Washington Post is published, some time in 2021.


1. Early 2013

 Heard says Depp was completely sober until early 2013, and around that time he allegedly hit her for the first time when they were in Los Angeles.

 He slapped across the face when she made a comment about his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo, which he changed to ‘Wino Forever’ when they split up.

She claims Depp later cried and apologised, telling her that he sometimes turns into ‘the monster’ when he snaps.  

The judge said: ‘Seen in isolation, the evidence that Mr Depp assaulted Ms Heard on this occasion might not be sufficient. However, taken with the evidence as a whole, I find that it did occur.’

2. March 8, 2013

 Heard claims Depp was angry she had hung up a painting by her ex-partner Tasya Van Ree by her bed in her LA home, then tried to set the painting on fire and hit her ‘so hard that blood from her lip ended up on the wall’.

The judge said: ‘Overall, I conclude that Mr Depp did assault Ms Heard as she and the Defendants have alleged in Incident 2.’

3. June 2013

Heard and Depp were in Hicksville, US with a group of people including Heard’s sister Whitney and Depp’s assistant Nathan Holmes.

 Heard says Depp, who was ‘taking drugs’, became ‘enraged’ and ‘jealous’ when one of her friends touched her, and he then threw glasses at her, ripped her dress and damaged the cabin they were staying in.

The judge said: ‘The argument and the damage to property are symptomatic of Mr Depp’s manner when ‘the monster’ side of his personality was dominant. v) I also accept the evidence of Ms Heard that another aspect of ‘the monster’ was that Mr Depp physically assaulted her as she described.’

4. May 24, 2014

The pair took a private plane from Boston to LA: Heard says that during the flight Depp, who had been drinking heavily, threw objects at her, pushed a chair at her, slapped her and kicked her in the back before passing out in the toilet.

The judge said: ‘These verbal insults became, in the course of the flight, physical abuse.’  

5. August 17, 2014

The couple went to the Bahamas, Depp says to ‘cure his dependence on painkillers’, although Heard claims he was trying to give up other drugs too.

 Heard says Depp had ‘several manic episodes’ and his private doctor had to be flown over to help. She alleges that he slapped, kicked and grabbed by the hair during an attack.

The judge said: ‘I find it more likely than not that Mr Depp did push Ms Heard on at least one occasion. I am not able to conclude whether there was more than this one assault.’ 

6. December 17, 2014

Heard says Depp was ‘violent towards’ her in LA, and later texted calling himself a ‘f****** savage’ and a ‘lunatic’.  Depp denies any allegation of violence and says NGN has ‘failed to provide any particulars of the alleged violence’.

But the judge said: ‘In conclusion I am not persuaded that Incident 6 constituted a physical assault of Ms Heard by Mr Depp.’ 

7. January 25, 2015

While the couple were in Tokyo, Japan, Heard claims Depp shoved and slapped her and grabbed her by the hair, before standing over her and shouting while she was on the floor.

The judge said: ‘I conclude that Mr Depp did assault Ms Heard as she and the Defendants have alleged in Incident 7.’      

8. Around March 3-5, 2015

Depp is said to have repeatedly assaulted Heard after an argument over his alleged use of MDMA during a three-day trip to Australia. She says he stayed up all night, taking pills and drinking, and then attacked her again the next morning.

Heard says, the following night, Depp pushed her into a table tennis table, tore off her nightgown and attacked her, before smashing a telephone into a wall and severing the top of his middle finger.

She also claims he had written messages to her around the house in a mixture of paint and blood from his finger, which Depp admits doing while ‘in shock’, as well as having ‘urinated all over the house in an attempt to write messages’, which he denied.

The judge said: ‘I accept Ms Heard’s evidence that she was angered or concerned by Mr Depp’s excessive drinking and consumption of controlled drugs. Her father had been an alcoholic and had physically abused her mother as a result. I accept her evidence that she feared Mr Depp was set on the same path. By the time of Incident 8, I MR JUSTICE NICOL Approved Judgment Depp v NGN and Wootton have found that she herself had been the victim of Mr Depp’s violence. That would have been a further cause of her concern.’  

9. March 2015

 Heard says Depp became ‘enraged’ when they were in LA with her sister and began destroying things in the house before hitting her ‘hard and repeatedly’. She also claims he tried to push her sister down the stairs before hitting Heard again.

The judge said: ‘In short, I accept that Mr Depp did assault Ms Heard as she and the Defendants have alleged in Incident 9.’

10. August 2015

While they were on the Eastern and Oriental Express in south east Asia, Heard alleges Depp ‘picked a fight’ with her, hit her and pushed her against a wall by the throat, ‘causing her to fear for her life’ – which is denied by Depp.

The judge said: ‘I accept that Ms Heard was assaulted by Mr Depp as she and the Defendants have alleged in Incident 10. I accept that she feared for her life on this occasion.’ 

11. November 26, 2015

In LA, Depp is alleged to have ripped Heard’s shirt and ‘threw her around the room’, also throwing a wine glass and a ‘heavy glass decanter’ at her, as well as pushing her over a chair which caused her to bang her head against a wall. Depp says they were in LA for Thanksgiving, but denies any allegation of abuse.

The judge said he couldn’t make a judgement on this allegation because it had never been put to Depp while he was giving evidence. 

12. December 15, 2015

Heard claims Depp threw a decanter at her in their penthouse in LA, then slapped her and dragged her through the apartment by her hair, allegedly pulling ‘large chunks of hair’ from Heard’s scalp.

She says he then followed her upstairs and pushed her to the floor while shouting ‘you think you’re a f****** tough guy’ before headbutting her.

 Heard says that when she told Depp she wanted to leave him he grabbed her and screamed: ‘I f****** will kill you – I’ll f****** kill you, you hear me?’

The judge said: ‘I accept that Mr Depp assaulted Ms Heard as she and the Defendants have alleged in Incident 12.’

13. April 21, 2016

Heard says Depp arrived at her birthday party at their LA home late, ‘drunk and high on drugs’ and they had an argument after the guests had left.

She claims he threw a bottle of champagne at her and shoved her to the floor several times before leaving a note reading: ‘Happy F****** Birthday.’

Depp says he arrived at the party around two hours late following a meeting with his new business manager and accountants, and that he was not on drugs but ‘shocked from what he had learnt at the meeting about his business affairs’.

He claims Heard had been ‘drinking heavily’ and attacked him while he was reading in bed, punching him in the face four times before he grabbed her arms to stop her.

The judge said: ‘He assaulted Ms Heard as he had done on previous occasions when he was stressed.’ 

Depp says the next day Heard or one of her friends ‘defecated in Mr Depp’s and Ms Heard’s bed’, and that Heard later told the building manager Kevin Murphy that it was ‘just a harmless prank’ – at which he point he ‘then resolved to divorce Ms Heard’.

14. May 21, 2016

Depp arrived at their LA apartment, allegedly ‘drunk and high’ while Heard was there with friends. 

Heard said Depp became ‘very angry’, throwing her phone at her and hitting her in the eye before smashing ‘everything he could’ with a magnum of champagne.

The judge found: ‘I reach the view that Mr Depp did assault Ms Heard as she alleges in Incident 14 despite the testimony of the witnesses who I have previously listed.’ 

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