Phil Murphy won’t endorse Cuomo or Nixon

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy won’t be endorsing his counterpart across the Hudson — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — in the Democratic primary against Cynthia Nixon.

Murphy, a fellow Democrat who was elected last year, said he would steer clear of getting involved in the contest.

“We’re not getting involved in that,” Murphy told reporters in Trenton when queried about backing Cuomo or his lefty challenger.

“I’ve never met Ms. Nixon, but I’ve watched her on television as a performer,” Murphy said of the “Sex and the City” actress.

“I have a fair amount of interaction, as you can imagine, with Gov. Cuomo, and our teams have a fair amount of interaction together,” he said. “That’s one we’re going to observe and stay out of.”

Remaining neutral in a neighboring state’s election is probably good politics for Murphy.

He has to work with the New York governor — no matter who it is — on regional issues, such as the bi-state bridges and tunnels and transit service. The governors of both states also have appointees that jointly run the Port Authority.

Before becoming governor, Murphy was a financier at Goldman Sachs. He took some liberal positions during his successful campaign, including backing the legalization of marijuana and a $15 minimum wage.

Despite coming from different parties, Cuomo maintained a good relationship with Murphy’s predecessor, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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