Photographer takes chilling snaps inside abandoned home of Brit devil worshipper

A photographer has released disturbing pictures of the abandoned house of a notorious devil worshipper.

Thrill seekers ventured into satanist Aleister Crowley's former home, called Carn Cottage, and took snaps and terrifying footage from inside.

One of the men behind the pictures, known only as Ben, revealed he came across a number of terrifying apparatus that he believes was used to try and summon demons in the early 20th century.

Carn Cottage, which is now a run-down farmhouse near Zennor, Cornwall, was home to Crowley, who was a writer and occultist.

He dabbled in the dark arts and even called himself the "Beast 666".

Ben said: "It was quite terrifying walking around it, the place had a mood that stuck with us after we left.

"Knowing that the place was used for satanic worship makes it extremely eerie to walk around, and who knows what is buried under neither it.

"Once inside the house we found the Sefirot on the floor with candles around it, which is used as a link between man and god or demon.

"If you use it for dark magic like Aleister Crowley did, called the Qliphoth, it can improve magic for occultists.

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"There was also a symmetrical pattern laid out in cones with gods names and Hebrew text underneath it.

"It's crazy to think people have been very serious about summoning something very dark and using the house as a portal which Aleister did too."

In one of the images, a message on a door reads "why are you in my house".

However, that didn't stop the explorers taking a deep look inside, and left them with an unsettling feeling in their stomachs.

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In another snap, a door nearly falls of his hinges deep inside the crumbling property.

Ben added: "The house is situated on top of a massive hill, isolated and surrounded by strange rock formations which are meant to have mystical powers.

"It makes you wonder what went on in a home like this, it has a very sinister feel when you walk around it.

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"We have been finding abandoned places for a while now, but this ranks as one of the scariest."

Aleister Crowley, originally called Edward, from Royal Leamington Spa, Warks, was a British writer, mountaineer, and known occultist.

In 1920 he moved to Scilly and established his own religion but was later expelled from the city due to a member of his religion mysteriously dying during a ritual.

He was dubbed "the wickedest man in the world" by the UK press in the early 20th Century, but rejected the label.

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