Picture of Gov Andrew Cuomo in convertible 'without seatbelt' gets police attention, but he has last laugh with lap belt

GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo was spotted cruising around in his convertible by a fan – and was incorrectly accused of not buckling up.

The Twitter user revealed that when she pulled up to a red light last week, she saw the New York official alongside her in his retro car.

"[U]hhhh i just met @NYGovCuomo at a red light???? today’s a good day," Emma Woods wrote on November 7.

But a WNBC-TV reporter said on Tuesday that Cuomo wasn't wearing a seatbelt as he drove and suggested that he broke the law.

"Hey," Miles Miller tweeted, tagging the New York State police and Cuomo's Senior Advisor Rich Azzopardi. "Violation of VTL § 1229-c."

New York State's Rules of the Road stipulate that "no person should operate a motor vehicle unless such person is restrained by a safety belt approved by the commissioner."

But Cuomo's fan rapidly retorted "ever heard of a lap belt?"

"Extremely common in older car types. Find something better to do with your time buddy," she wrote, to which Miller replied "best use of my time honestly."


How I feel when I’m told NY’s infection rate is below 1% for 26 straight days.

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The Sun contacted Cuomo's office for comment on Tuesday morning and they confirmed that the governor was indeed wearing this type of restraint.

"It's a classic car and he was wearing the lap belt," Azzopardi said.

A classic car is usually defined as a car that is at least 20 years old but no more than 40 years old, according to insurance company Nationwide.

New York State police confirmed that lap belts are legal in-state if they're manufactured with the car in question.

"You can't modify the seatbelt in the car so that it's lap belt only but if the vehicle comes with the lap belt only and it's being used, then that's legal," Trooper Woods told The Sun.

"Anything manufactured after 2009 has to have a shoulder and lap belt."

Cuomo has previously shared pictures cleaning his Cooper Cobra G/T convertible on Instagram. The Sun asked the governor's office what year the car he was driving on November 7 was made.


Happy Saturday 🇺🇸

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The Twitter drama comes after the straight-talking governor questioned the timing of the touted Pfizer vaccine with Donald Trump still in office.

The outgoing president has repeatedly said Covid-19 would "go away" and "disappear" before he contracted it himself and then lost the election battle to Joe Biden.

This week, drug giant Pfizer announced it has developed a remedy which is 90 percent effective in treating Covid-19 and has been touted by Trump and Biden.

Although Cuomo noted that the vaccine "looks goods" and will be "available shortly," he said he was concerned that Trump would be manning the Oval Office until Biden takes over.

He told Good Morning America: "The bad news is that it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over.

"This means [the Trump] administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan."

Cuomo claims it will use a "private mechanism" to roll out the drug, including hospitals and drug stores, which will miss out poorer, more vulnerable areas.

Communities in "healthcare deserts" without private facilities nearby will be hardest-hit, the Governor claimed, warning "I believe it learns nothing from the past."

“They’re basically going to have the private providers do it, and that’s going to leave out all sorts of communities that were left out the first time when COVID ravaged them," he added.

Cuomo said the process has been "politicized" before Trump called in to “Fox and Friends," calling the governor a "lowlife."

The pair have repeatedly clashed during the pandemic.

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