PICTURED: Jeffrey Epstein's cabin near Michigan arts academy

PICTURED: Jeffrey Epstein’s cabin near the prestigious $38,000-a-year Michigan arts academy where he ‘recruited an underaged victim’ – and which is now rented out as a holiday home

  • A cabin in the northern Michigan town of Interlochen once funded by Jeffrey Epstein can now be rented out 
  • Building once known as Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge was renamed Green Lake Lodge 
  • Epstein’s name was scrubbed after he pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage girls in Florida
  • Last month, a woman who alleges Epstein recruited and assaulted her over four years filed $25million suit 
  • The woman allegedly recruited by Epstein was studying voice at the academy when she was just 13 years old

A secluded cabin near a Michigan children’s arts school where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his so-called ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly abused a young girl is available for holiday rental.

The cabin in the northern Michigan town of Interlochen, which was once known as the Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge, was renamed the Green Lake Lodge after Epstein pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage girls, the Mirror reports. 

During the 1990s, Epstein, the billionaire former financier, was a donor to the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts, a fine-arts boarding school and camp located in the quiet woods of northern Michigan.

Interlochen is one of Michigan’s most expensive private schools. Tuition alone costs some $38,000 while boarding costs nearly $60,000, according to MLive.com.

The cabin in the northern Michigan town of Interlochen, which was once known as the Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge, was renamed the Green Lake Lodge after Epstein pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage girls

The image above shows one of the guestrooms inside the cabin in Interlochen, Michigan

Epstein was known to visit the cabin at least once a year as part of an arrangement with a nearby fine arts school for children

The cabin is available for holiday rental for vacationgoers headed to Interlochen, a quiet, secluded town in the woods of northern Michigan

Students at the academy in Interlochen reported seeing Epstein and his alleged ‘madam,’ Ghislaine Maxwell, on campus in the 1990s. Epstein and Maxwell are seen above in New York in June 1995

The lodge was listed in Epstein’s notorious ‘Little Black Book’ that included the names of some of his famous friends and associates, including Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Harvey Weinstein’s brother Bob Weinstein, and Courtney Love.

The book also had the names of two students who had attended Interlochen.

Epstein’s address book had the entries ‘Michigan Home’ and ‘Epstein Lodge’ as well as the PO box and address for Interlochen and three local phone numbers.

From 1990 until 2003, Epstein funded the lodge as a donation to the school. Former students at Interlochen said they recalled Epstein and Maxwell appearing on campus.

Epstein stayed at the lodge for a week in August 2000.

The school said it has no record of any complaint lodged against Epstein.

It has long claimed that the school’s ‘policies would not have permitted Mr. Epstein any unsupervised access to students.’

Not only did Epstein fund the scholarship lodge, but he also hosted events for Interlochen alumni at his New York office as well as his seven-story townhouse. 

Among the graduates of the Interlochen boarding school are big names such as singers Norah Jones and Jewel as well as actors Felicity Huffman and Terry Crews.

Epstein’s ties to the school stretch back to 1967, when he attended its ‘national music camp.’

According to The Daily Beast, Epstein took a course titled ‘Bassoon/Orchestra/Radio.

Last month, a woman filed suit against Epstein’s estate for more than $25million.

The unnamed woman, who claims Epstein recruited her in 1994 when she was just a 13-years-old student at Interlochen, was allegedly abused for more than four years.

The above image shows a common room inside the cabin in the secluded northern Michigan town of Interlochen

The cabin is located near the grounds of the campus of the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts

After Epstein pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of young girls in 2007, the school removed his name from the cabin

The cabin also offers a deck that looks out over one of the area lakes in Interlochen, Michigan

She says the $25million amount is to reflect ‘significant past and future pain and suffering’.

The alleged victim, Jane Doe, claims to have suffered extensive ’emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life’ after enduring ‘horrific’ rapes and sexual assaults at the hands of Epstein.

The request for compensation ‘in excess’ of $25million is one of the first numbers to emerge for individual claims against Epstein’s estate.

Epstein ‘started to slowly display his pedophilic ways when shopping with Doe and Maxwell. Instead of letting Doe pick out clothes she wanted to wear, Epstein insisted that she pick out and wear little children’s cotton underwear’, the lawsuit says.

The first abuse happened in a pool house when Epstein pulled the girl onto his lap and masturbated.

The attacks escalated to more serious sexual assaults and rapes which took place at his mansions in Palm Beach, New York and his New Mexico ranch.

The court papers claim Epstein introduced her to Donald Trump when she was 14 years old and said: ‘This is a good one, right?’

The lawsuit claims that the President ‘smiled and nodded in agreement’.

Last month, a woman filed a $25million lawsuit alleging that Epstein and Maxwell recruited her in the summer of 1994 at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan where she studied voice (pictured) 

The unnamed woman’s claims were made in a civil lawsuit obtained by DailyMail.com

During a hearing at Manhattan’s Federal Court last week both sides said they have been unable to agree on a way forward and Magistrate Judge Debra Freeman told them to figure it out.

Judge Freeman raised the prospect of staying the case like the others but Robert Glassman, one of the woman’s lawyers, said that it wasn’t in his client’s interests to do so.

In addition to the executors of Epstein’s estate the woman names Maxwell as a defendant.

Given that there are more than 100 potential claimants already, a sizable portion of his $650million estate looks set to be handed over in compensation.

Maxwell, 58, is alleged to have ‘regularly facilitated’ the abuse and was ‘frequently present’ when it took place.

Epstein is also alleged to have attempted to recruit two other young girls who were enrolled at Interlochen.

Melissa Solomon, a cellist who attended the school when she was 14 years old, claims that she knew Epstein and Maxwell for six years, but she was never abused.

She said she cut ties with them after she refused to recruit young girls for Epstein who were enrolled at the Juilliard School in New York.

Solomon also refused an offer to meet with Prince Andrew, according to the Mirror.

One of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, alleges she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew – an allegation that the British royal has denied.

Epstein is also alleged to have attempted to recruit two other young girls who were enrolled at Interlochen – soap-opera actress Nadia Bjorlin (left) and cellist Melissa Solomon (right)

Another Interlochen student that Epstein is alleged to have targeted is soap-opera actress Nadia Bjorlin.

Bjorlin’s mother said Epstein approached her daughter when she was just 13 years old in 1994.

‘My daughter was a singer,’ Fary Bjorlin said.

‘She was a baby. She was a skinny little girl, not mature for her age.

‘She was 13, but everyone thought she was 9 or 10.’

Nadia Bjorlin is the daughter of the late Swedish classical conductor Ulf Bjorlin, who died the year before.

‘Epstein was a big donor and he heard about Nadia and that her father had died, so she was vulnerable, and he contacted her. He said, ‘Here’s my number,’ Fary Bjorlin said.

She said she got to know Maxwell, who then tried to set up a meeting between Nadia and Epstein.

‘I trusted Ghislaine, she was like a mother. She was always calling my house,’ Fary Bjorlin said.

But she grew suspicious that an older man like Epstein wanted to meet her young daughter. In fact, she confronted Epstein after Maxwell tried to arrange a meeting.

‘What sort of a man approaches a young girl and asks to meet her?’ Fary Bjorlin said.

‘Ghislaine didn’t want me to meet Epstein, but I did anyway, and asked what he wanted with Nadia,’ the mother said.

Interlochen is one of Michigan’s most expensive private schools. Tuition alone costs some $38,000 while boarding costs nearly $60,000. Among its star-studded alumna are singers Jewel (left) and Norah Jones (right)

‘He said he wanted to help her singing career. He said, “I’d like to be like a godfather.” It felt creepy.’

Fary Bjorlin added: ‘I kept Nadia away from him. She never met him alone. She never went anywhere with him.’

Maxwell, 58, has pleaded not guilty to helping Epstein recruit and later abuse three girls from 1994 to 1997, and committing perjury by denying her involvement under oath.

She is currently in federal custody in Brooklyn.

Epstein was found hanged at age 66 last August in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell, 58, was an ex-girlfriend of Epstein’s who became a longtime member of his inner circle.

In a 2003 Vanity Fair article, Epstein was quoted as saying Maxwell was his ‘best friend.’

She is the daughter of late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, who founded a publishing house and owned tabloids including the Daily Mirror.

It emerged after Robert Maxwell’s mysterious death in 1991 that he had looted hundreds of millions of dollars from employee pension funds to prop up his crumbling business empire.

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman (left) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews (right) also attended Interlochen

In the early 1990s, Ghislaine Maxwell moved to New York, where she worked selling real estate. Around that time she began her romantic relationship with Epstein, a financier who lived in a lavish style and attended high society parties.

Some of Epstein’s alleged victims have said Maxwell lured them into his circle, where they were sexually abused by him and powerful friends.

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