Piers Morgan predicts Donald Trump's 'appalling' handling of Covid & George Floyd protests will cost him the election

PIERS Morgan has predicted that Donald Trump's "appalling" handling of Covid and the George Floyd protests will cost him the election.

Morgan was asked his thoughts on the upcoming vote on British TV show "This Morning" on Monday.

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The journalist called George Floyd's death one "of the most harrowing things I've ever watched," adding: "I've never seen anything as horrifying."

Host Phillip Schofield then read out one of Donald Trump's tweets, where he said "when the looting starts the shooting starts" and asked Morgan for his response.

"Appalling, just pouring fuel on a fire," Morgan said, before explaining that he feels as though his handling of the incident could cost him his re-election.

"Trump knew what he was doing," Morgan added. "He pretended he didn’t but he knew what he was doing."

Morgan also slammed Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"His handling of the pandemic has been appalling," Piers fumed.

"His handling of the George Floyd killing and the protests has been appalling and I think that’s probably why he’s going to lose the election."

Piers then told the hosts that he received a phone call from the president last week.

He said: "I would never bet everything against Trump because he’s unpredictable. In fact he rang me out of the blue last weekend.

"We had a half hour conversation about everything, he knows how critical I have been about him."

The host then asked why the pair spoke, to which Piers told him it was due to him appearing on "an American breakfast show."

"I'd called him out and said, 'You should refollow me on Twitter'," Piers said.

"He unfollowed me when I told him he should shut the bleep up about coronavirus because he said we should bleach ourselves.

"It all got pretty unpleasant but he saw me talk about him and called me up.

"I still consider him to be a friend, we’ve known each other for a long time."

However, he confirmed that Trump had not re-followed him on Twitter, but the president did promote his book, which Morgan said "was not helpful."

"It's very interesting talking to Trump because actually when he’s private he can be charming and very funny, all the things you don’t see, and he can be like that in his rallies," he said.

"He believes he's going to pull off another shot, I'm not sure he's right but everyone last time thought that."

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